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Vredon is looking for (m/f)

dance talent

Vredon members engage in modern jazz, street jazz and contemporary dance.

Boys and girls can attend rehearsals at the VTI sports complex (enter from Asserendries) from the age of six. The beginners courses involve dance initiation and moves training.


A1:  Friday,  18.30-19.30  o'clock

A2:  Friday,  18.30-19.30  o'clock

A3:  Friday,  19.30-20.30  o'clock

B:  Friday,  19.30-21.00  o'clock

C1:  Friday,  20.30-22.00  o'clock

C2:  Friday,  21.00-22.00  o'clock

C1:  Saturday,  09.30-11.00  o'clock

C2:  Saturday, 11:00-12:30 o'clock

Vredon’s flag bearers are nationally and internationally renowned for their acrobatic and choreographic performances. About twenty times a year, they take part in parades or perform on stage.

Rehearsals are open to boys and girls from the age of six and take place in the VTI sports complex (enter from Asserendries).


V1:  Wednesday,  18.30-19.30  o'clock

V2:  Wednesday,  18.30-19.30  o'clock

V3:  Wednesday,  19.30-20.30  o'clock

V4:  Wednesday,  20:00-22.00  o'clock

Vredon is looking for (m/f)

flag talents

Our drumband accompanies the flag bearers and dancers at parades and performances.

Rehearsals take place on Saturday at the club house near the VTI sports centre (enter from Asserendries).


T:  Saturday,  09.30-11.00  o'clock

Vredon is looking for (m/f)

drumming talents